Vampire Facial

Vampire Facial

Does your face show signs of aging? Have you lost that youthful "glow" you once had? Maybe you've tried all of the over-the-counter creams, lotions, and potions but still aren't happy with how your face is aging?

Over the years, there have been few options for women to rejuvenate their face without expensive and invasive surgery or a complete face lift.

Now there is an all-natural way to rejuvenate your face using your body's own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Platelet Rich Plasma has been used for many years in Orthopedics to help heal and rejuvenate injuries to muscles, tendons, and joints. You may have heard about Tiger Woods using PRP after surgery to heal faster. The same principles of PRP rejuvenation are also very effective at rejuvenating other areas of the body, including the skin of your face.

As a child, do you remember when you would fall down and scuff your knee? Do you remember the yellow stuff that would form a scab over the injury? This yellow substance is Platelet Rich Plasma and contains healing growth factors, which cause stem cells to move to the injured area to heal the wound.

Through advances in medical technology, we can now separate the PRP from red blood cells and use the PRP to heal other areas of the body by increasing collagen production and promoting the growth of new cells.

Now, you can use your body's own Platelet Rich Plasma to rejuvenate your face, naturally.

First, we apply a strong topical numbing cream to your face. Then, we draw a small amount of blood (approximately 4 tablespoons) from your arm, the same way you've previously experienced in any simple blood test. We then place your blood in a high-speed centrifuge which separates the PRP from the red blood cells. Next, using a very small needle, the PRP is injected back in to very specific areas of your face adding volume to depressed areas. The PRP is also added topically and a micro needling device is used to push the PRP into your skin. The micro needling allows the PRP to penetrate your skin. Your body recognizes the micro needling as "micro injuries" and increases collagen production to the area immediately.

One of the many benefits of a Vampire Facial is the fact that there is ZERO downtime.

Minor bruising may occur but is usually gone within a day or two after the procedure. A Vampire Facial takes about 30-45 minutes and can be performed on your lunch break.

Over the next 3 months, you will continue to see improvements in the look and feel of your skin. You will notice a very natural, more youthful looking appearance, better skin elasticity, and a healthier looking face.

If you've considered a facelift, or other more invasive surgical procedures, we encourage you to first try a Vampire Facial.

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